New Year’s Resolutions No More? Check Out My One Word for 2016

For some time now, I’ve vowed not to make any resolutions at New Year’s.  Maybe you’ve done the same.

I want to stick to this. Though it was a decision I made when I was suddenly sick of being on the ‘Better Me’ bandwagon.

For decades, I was that that person to read self-help books and articles, readily applying things to my life soI could reach a new place for myself.

But, over the last few years, (gotta be that 40-thing), I’ve been more aware that accepting ourselves, with shortcomings and all, is actually a better place to start from.

I’ve loved being here, I’ve found beauty in the quirky, realized gifts I never thought were assets and flat out just enjoyed even day. But, I’ve also at times become comfortable.

And that is not a good place for anyone. Comfort is nice, it feels good. It’s just that ‘comfortable’ can also be a zone; a place we tend to nestle into and enjoy, and enjoy and ENJOY.

While it feels good, we could actually feel GREAT if we reach outside that zone.

Truth is, I realize that the amount of stress and trouble over our last year (while proving worth the work and trouble) was incredibly rewarding! But, afterwards, I was exhausted. Being strong…strengthening that muscle…is always tiring, but truth be told, it’s always good for us!

When we use (or push) muscles (brain or body) we realize we can be stronger than we think we are, we see we can do more than we thought, and we can even become an inspiration to others!

To go beyond what we think we are capable of, to make dreams a reality, to test our wills and wits, we change for the better! We take ourselves to new heights, new joys, new rewards.

I’m looking forward to 2016 being my year of ‘REACHING'. 

What will 2016 be for you? 
Will you pick a word like me and hundreds of others? Will you stretch your imagination, self, mind and dreams to a new high? Will you challenge yourself to be better? Even if it means going out of your comfort zone?

I’m ready, are you?

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