Fun Friday: Gotta Love Kids in CRACK-ME-UP-VIDEOS

“Boy Smile” by Supertrooper via

So while I had some downtime the other night, I decided to look for a video to watch. You know that laughing is therapeutic right? And you know how kids can really be awesome making us laugh with their innocence right? Well, now and again, if you're tired, angry or sad, watch a funny video.

I was none of the above when I was searching, OK well, I may have been tired waiting for my kids to get ready for bed (yes, it was only 8 pm...and I had a long ways to go). As I scrolled through some videos I found these:

I’m not too sure now if it was just the kids I loved and laughed about…or Ellen.

I mean who doesn’t just adore Ellen.

She is so funny, always has me rolling… 
especially on that second video when she said, ‘Well this is gonna make news’...

Have a Happy Friday!

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