How I Cheered My Kids Up On Their First Day Back to School

"Snowflakes Crystal Under Light” by Rattikankeawpun via
So today was a bit rough. It’s dark out at 5 am. It’s also quite cold. The upside is it’s snowing and two out of three of my kids were waiting desperately for a sign of winter. Now that winter’s arrived though, they’re sort of bummed that it’s a back-to-school day…It could be because they have to stand outside and wait for a bus. Or, maybe it didn’t help that we weren't in bed at a decent hour the entire holiday break…oops.

I knew it’d be tough for them today, so I decided to cheer them up by visiting this fun site and looking for some seasonal jokes to put up on the chalkboard for when they were eating their breakfast!

Why did the farmer wear one boot into town?

He heard there was a 50% chance of snow.

Cracking a little smile yourself aren’t ya?

My favorite one for the day is:

Where does a snowman keep his money?

A snow bank.

Sometimes just changing the mood with some laughter makes it all better.
If all else fails, mirror their pouty face…
or just tickle them, that always works.

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