If you haven’t gone to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet, I think you should to take the kids today!

In our region, we got a bunch of snow overnight, the wind howled and it’s still spraying a little out there. The plows have worked to clear the roads and now the happy children are waking up to a joyful (oh crap mom and dad- what will we do with them?) snow day! (Our first one this season!)

No reason to sit at home, most roads are probably clear by now, and if you’re like me (love driving in it) you'll find it a nice adventure!

Reasons you might not want to see Star Wars:

  1. It’s not your gig
  2. You’ve never seen the first one (or any others)
  3. You have girls
  4. You don’t like shoot ‘em ups
  5. You don’t like movies (really?)

These aren’t good enough excuses I tell ya!

This is why:

  1. You don’t have to like that genre…
  2. …or need to see the 8 other SW movies to understand or appreciate a really great movie
  3. There is a really great reason why the ‘girls’ in the world should watch this movie
  4. The shoot ‘em ups aren’t often (and are mostly in the beginning and end) -more the drama and storyline
  5. This is the #Bestmovieever

So you gotta go!

Besides, it’s a snow day, you will be the Hero in your house will be jumping (and screaming in excitement) and they’ll be especially excited when your kids go to school and tell their friends that you took them to not just a movie (but to a Star Wars Movie) and you enjoyed it too!

Disclaimer: If you cannot drive in bad weather, please do not go outside today. There is nothing worth risking your family’s life or others. (Movies in-house work just as good as a snow-day relief and celebration as a movie out, just pull out some junk food to go with it and they’ll be just as happy!)

A little story: I remember Star Wars from when I was a kid, it was probably 30 years ago that I saw my first one. I never watched another, thinking, eh, not my thing anymore. My kids weren’t proud, and my 11 year old son grilled me on what I remembered. I told him my most memorable part was C3PO and R2D2 in the desert and C3PO (the bossy, grumpy one he could be) was chastising port R2D2 the whole way… My kids thought it was cute, but then were a little bummed that’s all I could recall. Let me tell you, that was actually awesome, because there’s a part they didn’t know would be shown in The Force Awakens...

Go see it. Before it’s gone.

(Next snow day, rent the old ones and do a movie marathon!)

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