February Family Matters Photo Challenge: Day 11! (And our shots from Day 7-10)

If you're doing the February Family Matters Photo Challenge, you should have at least a few pictures under your belt! Here are my Days 7-10:

Day 7: Rumbly 
Were the trains that went by (and the one that stopped forever-sigh)...and made us impatient to get to the Superbowl party!!!

Day 8: Crunchy...
 ...were the left over yummy chips from the superbowl, that without that event, who knows HOW long before we'd have them in our house again!?

Day 9: Lovely.
Here comes the snow again. (Which normally I'd be in Heaven with, but kind of not psyched about since the winter has been so mild-I'm over it I think!) At least the walk really IS lovely:) <3

Day 10: Sweet! 
My fourteen year old with her favorite snack of goldfish, took a photo for day 10 of her nestle quick cocoa after school (heat up your milk in the micro for approx. 1 minute and 20 seconds, pour in some nestle chocolate syrup and enjoy:) It was her first time and she likes it better than regular hot cocoa packets! 

Today is Day 11! Are you going to take a picture of something FANCY!?

I am!!!

Good luck!

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