February Family Matters Photo Challenge Days 16-18


How will you picture organized? 
I did it this way. 2 dressers hold items in my home both in the kitchen and living room. 
One serves as a TV stand, candle, movie, remote control and other electronics storage area. 

...the other holds placemats, coffee, filters, spice jars, napkins, lunch packs, vitamins...the list goes on!

If ya haven't figured it out yet, I love old furniture and storage!

Here's my 'lengthy' journal which is also organized!
An organizer of memories, ideas, thoughts,  questions and gratitude!

Then we have 'Wired'...
...oh...how I am stuck with THEE...
What will you take a picture of to document these words, and in the end share a bit more about yourself with your family?

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