The February 1st Photo Challenge Word: Divine

It's the 1st of February and it's our first day of the Family Matters Photo Challenge!

Join us today in finding something

Take a picture of it.

Share this challenge with others and make sure you have FUN!

If you look at some of the previous pictures we have done during this challenge in the past, you'll realize it's not necessarily for pros, but you can get fancy if you want to; use whatever photo platform or device you want. I've used Instagram in the past, my phone, my digital camera. Use whatever you like and tell us why you picked that moment in time and took that particular photo to match the word for the day!

If you want to show off your photos that day, or at the end of the challenge (February 29th) just email some of them to our email labeled with name (or social media name), any details you want to share and the word for the photo.

We will post them here and share where they came from!

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