A Sure Proof Way to Good Grades

I'm always trying to find creative ways to get my kids to do things that help them.
Right, I'm always working on motivating THEM to do good things for THEMSELVES.

Good grades (anything above a B) is always my goal...which translates into their goal :)

How do I do this?

Well, in the past, I've shared with you a cool way with a little friendly sibling competition. If you don't eat out much, this works great.

Now, many years later, my two teens and preteen are still at it, seeing who can get the highest grade each quarter. They know who won last, who's won the most, who's lost and when they fell below a C (how many times- usually it just takes once-the humiliation is awful) and they know where they will be asking to go if they win this time.

Well, even though they do this contest, they're also learning how to skate by and get enough turned in and how many decent grades leading up to the end of the quarter and I'm finding that I need an added incentive (or disguised discipline...sssssshhhhhh...).

I've been noticing this year that they are either flunking out on select quizzes and/or skipping some homework pages. It happens. They could do worse. But, it's not cool in my book.

My kids don't have a lot to start with, so over the years, it's been kind of hard to find things to take away. Though there's one thing they ALL love and that's any type of MEDIA. Computers, iPads and game units. Over the years we have been gifted or second handed these things and this year it's a first that my 18 year old (or anyone in this house) has an X-BOX. So you know I've got them right where I want them.

They are allowed to play on these things on the weekend and up until a certain time during the week. There are a lot more Rulez (as Mom puts it) to this but I have added some tough guidelines. NO ONE will be allowed to use any of these fun things AT ALL if they currently have below a B.

If they do have a C or less, they honestly don't belong on the computer or games, they need to be studying, making up home-work or quizzes, practicing online text book or study topics OR begging teachers for some bonus work. They should NOT be hanging out playing.

They thought this was awful the day I introduced it. But ask me how long it took them to bust tail to raise any C's or borderline C's to be B's? Literally a week or two! That's it. Just one week for the two girls. And just two weeks for the boy. (All depends how low their grades were.)

In my book, a C means you just aren't trying hard enough or you don't get the material and should be asking for extra help (and/or working extra hard to understand it better).

I am understanding, but I have standards. They know that and should think similarly…for their own good.

Why not give your kids a few incentives to strive harder and get higher grades?
Truth is, we all get comfortable. Especially kids. Passing is Passing...and Passing is a C.
Blach. I know my kids can do better than that.

Maybe in certain subjects (or in the beginning of the year/class) your child is too far off from a C or a B (never mind A). That’s okay. Don't try to force them into getting so high right away. Sit down with them, identify what they might be struggling with, ask them why, and how you might be able to help. Remind them that their teachers are also there for them. Exhaust all resources to help your kids achieve better so they know you are on board with their success.

Then set the bar a little higher with ideas like these.

Do you have ways you encourage better grades? Share them with us!

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