Teaching Self Acceptance and Tolerance of Others (Column Related)

Sister Yelling” by artur84 via freedigitalphotos.net

Unbeknownst to most, my kids and my relationship is the same at home as it is in public.

Who knows what I mean? Do you ever recall meeting a family and you think they’re just the sweetest to one another (like a little too sweet) and then one day you realize that your hunch was right, when you are in their house one day and WWIII erupts?

My kids and I are the same to one another outside, as we are inside. I like it this way. Frankly, I LOVE it this way. I have grown up with, and witnessed families whose siblings were wretched to one another. Heck, whose parents were wretched to one another.

I swore to never (if I could help it) promote that type of behavior in my home. I can say I’ve been successful for just about 18 years.

My children have never uttered those inexplicable words: ‘I HATE YOU!’ to me or their siblings. They’ve never called one another a name, and they always have each other’s backs (sometimes to my dismay…because it’s against me in a moment of discipline).

I thought I’d have to fight to get them not to display this kind of behavior over the years but I didn’t! It kinda just happened!

I think it's I’m big on self-acceptance and tolerance.

Without tolerance you have hate and a gigantic void of LOVE.
Without self acceptance, it's pretty much the same deal, except that hate is pointed inward first, then outward towards others even more fiercely...making a person or child a colorless human being and making others feel terrible about themselves.

The world needs more whole people. 
The world needs more love.

So, the world should strive towards more understanding and patience with one other; more value of themselves too (and I don't mean by way of egos…because that’s the opposite direction-that’s fueling fires not growing love).

You might find your house a little more peaceful if you do.

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