When Your Teens Think They Know Everything...

I'm pretty sure I loved Ed Sheeran's music before my two teen girls crushed on him this past year, but that's okay.

I won't tell them that I found him first. 

OR that they weren't the first ones to introduce me to memes either (they just helped me pronounce them correctly lol).

When I see them get all sweet and dreamy when Ed Sheeran comes on, and especially when they hear this song come on...the one I accidentally stumbled upon the video for: "Photograph".... wow wow wow.

We’ll just let them think they taught me.

But MY Ed Sheeran fav is:

Thinking Out Loud

Believe it or not, I’ve loved this song for a year! But just saw the video this past week!
If you love ballet and romance (and Ed Sheeran’s music) check it out.
(OK, so I might be a little slow at watching the videos to music lol… But I found it FIRST!)

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