Fun Friday: Teenager Tribute

My eldest teen is about ready to head to college (and my other teen decided to hop in my car the other day and get behind the I let her drive a little). They're growing up so fast. I love it...and fear it all at the same time!

I'm so happy they're moving up in the world though, creating their own lives; it's why I had them in the first place. I'm excited they're moving on to new things and I'm happy they share it with me!

As I watch them make their own decisions, I'm proud of them. As I watch them make plans for themselves, I applaud their forward thinking, but also their ability to still hang out and relax as teens and have fun every day.

This quote is a funny teenage quote, and a little tribute to my two girls who are always there when I need them, (not always smiling about helping, but always there).

Last night they were there to go to town tidying up while I was still working, and they even held back the grumpies... wow, what a treat!

So this is a funny tribute quote to them:(I love you girls!)

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