Kids Can Be A Better Judge of Character Than Adults (Column Related)

I've been around a while, and still sometimes my kids can tend to be a better judge than me on things.
I believe it's because they sometimes see things adults miss, or misjudge. They assume we know what we're doing, and for the most part, we do. But adults do tend to learn skills or habits over time which can be damaging to their lives (and their kids').

If you're wondering why your kids should come to their own conclusions about people (and life) click on this link and read my May County Kids News-Herald Ohio Article on "Why Kids Are A Good Judge of Character".

If you ever are in a room with another adult, look around, I guarantee you that your kids (anyone's) kids are listening, paying attention and they are judging. Not because they're trying, but because they are seeing things in a clean, clear perspective, sometimes for the first time. And they don't often justify, make excuses for or pass by things that don't seem right.

It's a good thing. Learn to appreciate it. Encourage them to keep doing that. Kids are smart, most often they don't get enough credit for that, or enough respect.

Just because we're older, does not always make us wiser. Kids are smart too and feel and see things that we don't always catch.

Have a Happy Monday and Hug Your Kids Today!

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