Change Is Inevitable, College Is Optional: Embrace It (Column Related)

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So, as reality continues to roll, so do the thoughts of how life is always changing. 

My daughter and I are off to college orientation. 

Wow, how cool…and unbelievable

It’s been an amazing ride for her and I. All of these almost 19 years...
We are truly enjoying our last few months together! I think we are certainly holding onto what we have left…laughs, sarcasm, movie watching, hugs and kisses, coffee stops and planning out the next four years.

She’d tell you she is also holding on to home cooked meals. Lol.

This month’s County Kids column is a tear jerker (for me, that is).
It’s also a reminder that nothing in parenting stays the same:

  • Kids progress through stages- bad and good
  • Kids’ needs change
  • Not all parenting strategies work all the time (we have to evolve)
  • Not all sunny days stay sunny
  • Not all stormy days stay stormy
  • Kids are constantly growing (and not just in shoe and appetite size)
If you are going through a great parenting stage, savor it. But, if you are struggling through a bad parenting stage, read lots of books, lean on patience (and prayer- if you do that) and on veteran parents for advice…and savor it...because it’s all going to change. 

Ask me how I know.

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