Movie Review: Concussion
Tis the Season

I know this is weird timing, preseason week 4 just ended and pro (and non-pro) football teams are taking their places on the field.

This might not be a movie review one would expect me to do, now or ever. But we recently went to a FREE movie night at a local library (yep, hey-hey, it's Library Card Sign Up Month, where've you been?) and we watched Concussion, with Will Smith.

No, not WITH Will Smith. Will Smith was in it. It wasn't a bad movie. Well, that depends on what you consider bad. Depends on who you are. Depends on what you think about things... football and concussions.

This is a very good movie to go and see. It was safe for my twelve year old son, meaning there wasn't any really foul language, nudity or innuendos. It was a clean movie.

There were however some graphic shots of NFL players (actors playing real life pros) who were mentally struggling and some who committed suicide. Most committed suicide.

It was a great thought provoking movie. My son had a ton of questions, a few revelations, got a front seat (literally) to some ways big companies and organizations can be, how politics usually works and what a man with determination to help others can do.

We (myself, him and my fourteen year old daughter) walked away in awe about the movie and the basis of Will Smith's beginning investigations.

I'm a big (slash that) huge fan of football. My son played for five years. He stopped because he wanted to try basketball. I was afraid when he was on the field, because he was small. Concussions weren't so much on my radar. But, maybe it's something that this movie can help raise awareness with. Maybe even help with the prevention side of.

If you are curious, even a little bit, about where the 'no helmet to helmet rule' most likely started, or how Will Smith would sound if he were from Nigeria, watch Concussion.

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