Day 7: Dainty

Definitely dainty, definitely strong. Definitely a cool story.
I got this exact tiny cross as a teenage from my Dad for Valentine's Day. About six months later it was lost. Ripped off my neck in a fight out on a side road, at night. Then it rained. Friends of mine went to help me look for it but it was gone.

I always hoped to someday search for a replacement of the same necklace but that was a long time ago, on the coast and, I'd not seen one yet, nor was I actively looking.

A year ago around Christmastime, my son and I were at a popular tree lighting event. Afterward, we went out and had some cocoa and then stopped into one of our favorite antiques stores, Eastside Relics, in historic downtown Willoughby, Ohio.

Suddenly, my eyes found it! This dainty little ruby and diamond cross sitting in a glass case, alongside tons of 'unique stones and Grandma's jewelry'.

I was in shock and excited! For Christmas this was mine. 

How blessed I truly am to have this special little gift show up and return to my neck and heart seventeen years later and like new:)❤️

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