February Photo Challenge: Catching Up Days 12-20!

Wow! So time does fly!
I’m catching up on the second half of our Family Matters February Photo Challenge!

So many days, so many busy days lol. I know you know the feeling.

So, here are days 12-20:

Day 12 on Instagram @momgluck3
Clean Fun for My Boy: Dude Perfect

Day 13 on Instagram @ momgluck3
Eager: My Boy Watching and Wanting to Mimic These ‘Dudes’

Day 14 Shallow (Really? On Valentine’s Day?) What a word right? Well, I just choose random words in a list and then post them according to the order they came out of my brain (this year I had the help of my creative writer daughter :) Shallow is a great word for Day 14. I picked a mirror. Why? Because, as I listened to the Mann’s on the radio that morning, I understood that their love for each other could never be what it is (nor any strong love relationship) if they were shallow. A mirror reflects us looking at ourselves…but when we look out, at the other person, the one we love, and focus on them, this is when love can be stronger and better.

Day 15 Quiet

Day 16 Rainy

Day 17 Sticky

Day 18 Prickly
Cutting it all down to make room for my rose bushes!!

Day 19 Beauteous

Anything yellow! Especially roses, with a yellow ribbon! Thank you Honey:) for the Valentine's gift, I love them! 💛 and I'm saving one!:)

Day 20 Ablaze
Could be our last fire of the season if the days keep staying in the 50-70's lol!


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