Autism (Treatment and Success) Awareness Column Sneak Peak (video)
One of the sensory stations at Integrations Treatment Center in Wickliffe, Ohio

April is National Autism Awareness Month. April 2nd, matter of fact, is the 9th Annual World Autism Awareness Day. In this month's column and blog, we are going to do more than raise awareness, we are going to talk about HOPE and SOLUTIONS by sharing and applauding a very special person and her staff who are working hard to help families with children with autism to achieve success!

If you are someone who has a child on the autism spectrum, or you know someone who does, whether it’s a family member, friend or neighbor llisten to a quick true story from Luke and Jake’s parents who found hope at Integrations Treatment Center!

You have to praise the steps these two children, and their family, have taken using the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. approach. This treatment should not be confused with any type of group or generalized treatment, but know this is an individualized approach using love, patience, consistency, repetition, softness, kindness, determination (and that’s from both the staff and the children) to help children of autism and their families function better and bond tighter. And yet…it’s grounded in the science of natural and normal brain development, one of which comes from the theory of sensory integration as first defined by Dr. A Jean Ayres, PhD in the 1960’s.

At ITC, in Wickliffe, Ohio, children are taught to do the very things, and use the very parts of their brains, to achieve the very things the world never thought possible for them. Every small step forward is a big step in celebration!

I want you to stay tuned for this amazing coverage on April 1st, in my County Kids News-Herald Ohio column, as I cover Autism Treatment, not just Autism Awareness.

If you have questions prior to the full autism treatment awareness column’s publish date of around April 1st, please do not wait to contact Lynette Scotese-Wojtila

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