Autism Treatment: Best Practice is Within Reach!

Look at this most cutest face. Everyone has a journey, we all arrive where we arrive, when we arrive, and our trip is all planned out for us. I was meant to meet some really amazing kids. My life will never be the same.

Recently I wrote a column for Autism Awareness.


Aside from World Autism Awareness Day, why the heck not!? But honestly, the fact of the matter is, I met an incredible woman (at a picnic in the summer) who works with kids who have autism WAY before I thought about April and it’s significance.

Have you ever been with a child with autism? How about their family? Have you ever watched how they interact, or don’t? Have you ever, after that, gone home and looked back at how your life (and your child’s) might have been incredibly different and how amazingly strong other parents are compared to you?

I have.

I have cried too. Mostly happy tears. I am seeing children with autism do such AMAZING things. I am interacting with them and their parents, and we are all joyful! Why? Because the hope is just bubbling over! The results are just amazing and superb!

I wrote this month because I believe. I wrote this column because I care. I wrote about this topic because it’s on my heart to do so. Please read my column, please tell a neighbor, please ask yourself if you’re just the least bit curious about the best practice for autism.

I know you will be in awe (no pun intended because this is all serious business, of epidemic proportions, and in need of attention).

Please share. Most of you know my love for children, of families of parenting. I’ve written for you all for over six years. But guess what? My love for children, and families, just grew by billions and billions of little balloon hearts and strings and joy and overall motivation to share. The kids at ITC are just making my heart sing and the staff that cares for them just melts my heart!

Want another perspective on autism awareness and the best practice treatment? Read this.

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