Fun Friday on Thursday....Home Decor, Kids, Artwork, Weight Loss and Digital Sabbaticals

While online last night working on my writing about digital sabbaticals, I was looking for some links to some of my blog posts to share. I somehow found this one... Ummmm #ADORABLE. But I found it pop up on GOOGLE & PINTEREST ... that was funny because I'm not ever looking for my own stuff there, even though once in a while it is. This was posted by News-Herald Ohio.

She' almost 17 now, the punkin...

So much time has passed, so many words, so many laughs. I loved then, I love now and I look forward to more with her and with my other #familymatterswithamber #kids. Ages might change, interests too, but our family bond hasn't ever and our love is right there with it.

I totally have the best job in the world.

Happy Friday... to us... 
See you when  we return from our Annual Family Sabbatical

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