'Tis The Season for...Golf (Question Mark)

So, when I title something 'Tis The Season', it usually means it's about time for my favorite sport: FOOTBALL! However, that's long over. It will be a while until I can see my New Orleans Saints play again. But, it's not all about me, nor is it only about football. I recognize that there are plenty of people out there who don't like football (even detest it) like many of my girlfriends. Hey, I get it, that used to be me before I had my son and moved to Cleveland.

It's April already, and that's good news for us northern and northeastern folk. That means we've been seeing the sun stay out longer and the temps breaking slightly. For many, that means other sports are underway. Baseball, Lacrosse, Tennis, Motorsports, and Golf.

Speaking of Motorsports and Golf, Check out his most recent brief, but educating write up (with pictures) on the Brickyard Crossing Golf Course in Indianapolis, IN.

I don't play golf, don't watch golf, and don't know anything about it, but I wish otherwise. I've tried multiple times, trust me, but it never worked out...I just couldn't seem to get that strange body position down for the swing. But, many people can, and it's their passion. So, because it's the season, I wanted to share that blog post. I find it well written and I know the author. I've always respected the way he explains different courses he visits and plays on.

Anything that others would enjoy reading, or learning about, is worth writing and publishing.
Next, I think he should write a book.

Visit Golfing With Shawn for a list of courses he's played and his thoughts on them and the game.

Here's his first post where he visited Hawaii.

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