Happy Monday: As a Single Mother Celebrate Successes "The Grass Is Always Greener"

About fourteen years ago, someone told me that the reason why I was about to make a major change in my life was because I thought that the grass was greener on the other side...

That's funny to think about, because I believe that was the truth.  In my gut, I knew things were very wrong, and the green grass was where the very right was.

The grass is greener.
It can be greener.

It's greener with God.
It's greener with family.
It's greener with hope, faith, and humbleness.
It's greener with strength.

The change isn't for everyone, but...

In my case, I couldn't be happier.
In my case, I couldn't have stayed.
In my case, my children faired better.
In my case, God believed in the plan He had for me...and so did I.

It wasn't easy...
But I have no regrets...
In 1994, 1995, 1997...through 2001, 2004...2006,  2007, 2008.

It was three years ago today, that I was in Italy, facing a hedge/garden display that changed daily to reflect the date... I thought it was beautiful to be in another country...and see this. But that date. It was a bit haunting.

It was 9/30... I thought about how it was so pretty, and so GREEN. And then as the warm sun and flowers blessed me, and as green and pleasant as it was around me, I remembered that quote about the grass being thrown at me...in hate.

It has never bothered me.

The grass is forever green...on this side..and I was always right to follow my gut. <3

I am where I'm supposed to be.
According to God's Plan B.

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