Eerie Siting

Last Wednesday morning, I was on the road exceptionally early. I usually am on a Wednesday, but this particular day it was about an hour earlier than usual. With the light change in the mornings now, it was practically dark when I drove through our local neighborhoods on my way to the highway.

While on my treck through, I noticed something super eerie. It sort of reminded me of a movie created out of Stephen King book. Foggy. Darkish. My headlights passing over some normal and not so normal things.

I'd have to say, I could have come across anything...a deer, a trash panda (as my son dubs raccoons), a skunk or even someone wandering down the road. But this day I saw a group of people. None of them were together. It was so strange since they were so spread out. Some even in the street.

 It was very dark, my headlights only crossed over them, it almost seemed like a creepy movie. Out of the blue there were people. But the people didn't look like people.

As I slowly passed through the neighborhood and saw what this group was, I felt like I was unsure if I was really even seeing people. Real people.

They were so spread out. So stark still. I had to triple take.

Indeed. It was approximately 15 teenagers, waiting for the high school bus, while all staying more than arms length of one another, staing down into their cell phones.

It wasn't anything like I remember being in school...and it was eerie.

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