11 Quick Tips on Getting Started Homeschooling in 2020

So, you didn't think you wanted to homeschool huh? Well, what do you say now? If the first sentence was indeed your own thoughts in the past, your current is probably s@#&!

Let me help.

I homeschooled for many years before my kids went into the school system. I'm a firm believer in it and there are simple ways to make it work.

Albeit some thing will be altered due to the Coronavirus, that's where the internet becomes your travel companion and friend!

Here are 10 quick ways to get started:

1. Set an alarm (wake up at same time M-F)
Just because we aren't in school, or maybe work too doesn't mean we shouldn't get up early.

2. Prepare n advance (once you find your ideas).

3. Go online and search your grade level curriculum of schools (yes some of them in the nation are online to view, they were when I schooled).

4. Make it simple and have fun!

5. Ask your kids to tell you what they want to learn about (research websites and ways to teach them)  -Hello YouTube!

6. Keep them up to date with their school homework if they have it! Utilize teachers for help (they are still working, email them).

7. Join a Homeschool online group (they've got experience and will support you).

8. Get outside! Play sports, take walks, garden, enjoy time with them and your pet in nature!

9. Play games! Old fashioned card or board games are great teaching tools, do physical challenge games if possible. (Since gyms are closed now,h this can help Mom and Dad.)

10. Talk about current events (not just the virus or what they can't do or what's cancelled)...maybe other issues in the community or world, find ways to contribute to helping support others during this pandemic. Be the positive in the community in the face of adversity.

11. Learn a new hobby together or teach them one that's been in your family for years.

Unexpected life changes can be overwhelming. I'm feeling it too. But if schooling is your worry, hopefully this list will give you some quick direction.

Use this site more by searching homeschool in the search bar.

Email me with questions @ familymatterswithamber@gmail.com

Be Positive! You got this!

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