3 Sets of Self-care Tips For Every Parent During Coronavirus

As my daughter was entering the military last summer, I knew our home dynamics was about to change drastically. I'd no longer have my girls to hang out with, cook for, or serve. It would just be my son and I. 

Empty nest had begun for reals.

I realized I'd need to learn more about what to do for myself now that all I'd really be needed for food and taxiing.

Enter the beginning of my self-care journey. 

Self-care...I initially thought, meant spa time or something, but it's not that at all. 

More and more I would realize just how important this act of taking care of myself would become. And how much better it would make me feel...how it wasn't at all a selfish act, but an act of HEALTH care.

In the times we are in, we're under stress, tight quarters, limited freedoms, and with an unknown end to it all. I've read and laughed at  many memes, videos and stories of parents struggling to live in the same home 24/7 with their kids while adapting to the newest living situation...

We were always on the go...now we are stuck home...and together. This seems to really get to some people and so I thought I'd share something I found to help remind how to practice self-care.

I love Instagram. Too much sometimes. But I do find some amazing things there. This simple list of what to to for self-care, based on time allotments you have, has been wonderful to have. I've looked up the websites and don't even know where it came from initially. What's listed isn't it. So, you can always do your own search, BUT use this 5/15/30 minute list to get an idea of what can be self-care and what can make a difference. I'd start it immediately.

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