Free Video: Emotional Support for Parents at Home During COVID-19 Pandemic
Chalk drawing in our neighborhood 

Stress and anxiety are rampant right now! Annnnnddd... so are some of our kids without their day to day schedule like going to school, doing sports and then their homework. Some might be doing better because they are at home...

Most of us don't spend this much time with our kids, and never during a pandemic, so what do we do? How do we help them? We help ourselves first, that's how.

Read this article and Watch this FREE parenting session to help you find your new Stay-At-Home mindset during this pandemic.

Be kind to yourself and follow some simple but important guidelines and thoughts shared by Dr. Scott Cypers with the Johnson Depression Center. Here is the article mentioned by the second speaker.

We got this! And when we don't have it...we can get help with it!

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