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Date Ideas for Parents/Couples During COVID On A $0.00 Budget

Family Matters with Amber
Our table setting for date night at home...with Sinatra playing in the background.

If you're anything like me, I have enjoyed my date nights out. It's only been over the past five years that I've been going out to dinner with my mate on the weekend.  When the kids were little, and I was married to their dad, I never left the house (without them) and we never had 'date nights'. Our date nights were just once a year (the company Christmas party -yay...yeah- that one night out where we could dress up and have adult conversation (between ourselves and others).

Now that my kids don't need Mommy around all the time (to them, if I'm home on a weekend night, I'm considered underfoot...just like they just like they were long ago), I have to say I've gotten used to going out and being able to have that alone time.

My honey and I have gone to movies, enjoyed many fancy dinners, grabbed wings at our favorite pub, dressed up and done an overnight stay at an Inn after their wine pairing dinner, we've been to the orchestra several times, the art museum too, the lake house to cook and watch the sunset on the deck and anywhere else we can think of to reconnect after busy weeks. We even go on annual vacations twice a year (Florida & Put-In-Bay). I truly appreciate those times and freedoms.

As you might imagine, we've been pretty a little bummed the first week or two of this pandemic.
But, I've decided we can make do and recognize that we have options! (I like to consider myself a problem solver :)

There's a time (other than our birthdays and the month of December) that's special for us. It's a personal thing, so I don't share it often; honestly, most people don't get it anyway, so we don't bother explaining, but it's a big deal to us. So, therefore, we celebrate it. It came and went, and well, it was actually kind of sweet (we did # 1 & # 6 on the list below).

We've had a couple of dates since COVID came crashing into our world, and although it has taken us a little while to figure out we can still date (just creatively) we're beginning to have fun with it!

Date 1: Hot dogs on the fire (inside) with the dog (she was not invited but, we let her crash it)
Date 2: Dressed up nice, easy dinner and appetizer
Date 3: Big date night, dressed down, making a full fancy dinner
Date 4: First 3 dates Location Trivia/Scavenger Hunt

COVID doesn't stop everything, it's just changing the way we do things right now.
Anniversaries, dates for connecting with your mate, birthdays and other special times...they can still be separated. We are currently working on my son's birthday (he will turn 16 during this whole thing)...scheduled to see if school will resume the day before.

Here are some other ideas:

  1. Candles- don't be underwhelmed with this idea, candles transform rooms and moods while help mask recent dirty diapers (my favorites are here)
  2. Dressing up-while it's my ultimate thing to do for a date (and most other days I'm not with kids) but don't have a reason, this can help change the mood and the scene
  3. Recreating a moment/time in the past-your first date maybe
  4. Reading books to each other
  5. Watching movies (use HOOPLA for free material if you have a library card)
  6. Flashcards (on this couples app or in at home games/make some up if you like!)
  7. Free Apps that help get to know you, communication or bible study)
  8. Devotionals in books you can download from the internet or library (or those collecting dust on your shelf)
  9. Get to Know You Questions- you can make up on your own
  10. Massages
  11. Cook together (one of my ultimate favorite, not just because I view it as intimacy, but also because new recipes require teamwork and patience which help couples work together and learn about one another)
  12. Try something new
  13. Sharing old memories-whip out the old scrapbooks (dating myself) or go through your phones and search photos by your names to see where and what you've done without the kids to reminisce 
  14. Redo a date (but at home)
  15. Taking a drive (I made a scavenger hunt this month of the places we had our first dates) take pictures and back at home talk about those dates/memories
  16. Plant something together
  17. Plan for the future (even if it's a dreaming mentality or your own actual retirement goals)
  18. Get in the game together (stir up a little friendly competition on a video game or sport)
  19. Exercise together
The list goes on. The goal is to have fun while in lockdown and take the time to find ways to connect.

This Mama on a budget all her life,  so these are easy things to do with little to no money.
If you aren't used to not splurging, it will be an adjustment, but like my ex-husband and I always agreed, we had some of the best times with less money (right, we actually agreed on something lol).

Don't let the pains of homeschooling, full time 24/7 parenting, stress and worry stop you from keeping your love alive (um, or rekindling it). I hope this helps and if you want some more really cool and fun ideas click here. I think I'll be trying a few!

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