NO JOKE: Parenting and Homeschooling During a Pandemic and What to Expect and What to Let Go with Your Kids Today

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So this is real. Yes, it might be April Fool's, but I think we can now finally all agree that this Coronaviruis business is NO JOKE.

In case you missed it yesterday, I posted about how to take care of yourself. If you watched the video in you may have noticed there were two different parts. The first part was about taking care of yourself and handling both your and your child's anxiety and possible depression. The second part (if you didn't stick with it all the way through, then you missed the action plan for what to do, what to expect and at each age level...there's a lot to it all, right?

Let's skip to the 33:01 mark in this video and listen to the second speaker offer all of the ideas you need and what you should expect and what to let go (yep, she references Frozen:) and the Army (#Embracethesuck).

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