Out In Nature During COVID: Not Your Typical Walk In the Park So Watch this SAFETY Video BEFORE You Go!

Part of Lake Erie Bluffs Trail

If you're planning to combat cabin fever by getting outdoors, and especially if you plan on heading to a nearby park, it's not going to be like it used to...

This is a photo of a trail in the Metroparks my family and I visited a couple of summers ago. I have been to Lake Erie Bluffs several times since. There is an amazing observation tower (which I imagine is closed to the public right now) but there is also a very beautiful long set of trails.

While we all need the exercise and to get out of the house and go somewhere (this place offers both a long drive in the car which is a good idea and nice trails) this trail will most likely not be as empty as you see it here. Not with COVID in the picture.

SOOOOO...PLEASE watch this video recording by Brian Zimmerman, CEO of Cleveland Metroparks, before you head out on your trail walk. A lot of very good information (like make sure you potty before you go and MORE)!

Please share this! There is also an article that details these guidelines. Both in the article and the video, there are also ideas for you to help your kids at home learn new things while during your virtual learning schedule. (Hint hint- it's for those who are itching to get to the ZOO!)

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