Stay At Home Order Is Prime Time to Support Independent Play for Kids

Another sweet neighborhood message: Stay Well

When I was at home with the kids (three under the age of eight) I wanted peace and quiet. I am that kind of person. I believe there is a wild and playful time, usually done outdoors, and then there is time when things should be calmer and peaceful. I don't know how others achieve that, but one thing I used to support and provide was solo playtime.

I never believed in entertaining my children 24/7. I do believe they require adult interaction, leadership on certain games/skills, however, I do not feel they should always be placated with my time, television or the computer or games.

I think they are better for having that style of upbringing.

You might wonder how to do that while at home with them 24/7 during the 'stay at home' orders. It can be done. Check out this article from the New York Times and see what you think.

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