What You Might Be Thinking: I Need Help Parenting During a Pandemic

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There are a few trusted sources I go to for info and education. For years, Psychology Today (US) Psychology Today (Canada) has been one of them. The magazine is never above one's head, or preachy. But, it is full of reasonable application ideas, and it's one of my favorites.

So, when I came across this today, I knew this was one article I would gladly share with you.

First let me say, I am not afraid to be at home; I'm an introvert (closet one, long story, think there's a post or column on this somewhere here).

I have homeschool experience.

I've been 'stuck' at home with three kids (and worked) for years.

I am not struggling with those things during the current COVID pandemic...

HOWEVER, I am not everyone. You and I are different. I have my own struggles right now, which don't really have anything to do with the list of things I just mentioned. That's because I have experience with those. But, what if I were somebody else? And someone who doesn't have experience with those and has other major concerns and/or challenges that I have never dealt with? Or...what if I was someone mentioned in this Psychology Today article...who faces many more trials than you or I could ever imagine?

Then I would step away from my own experiences, offer some love and support, and share some resources that could help.

Please read the above-linked article and this one, or maybe just skip to the 6 - 1-page tips from the WHO (nope, that's not the band, but THE World Health Organization). Try not to be overwhelmed at how much information is there, it's a lot of common sense and logic that can be applied easily and daily.

This day is like no other that we have ever experienced and we will all struggle to get through it but,
I hope some of this helps and you know that this too shall pass and I'm here with you through it.

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