Work Out Wednesday: To Be Better At Anything Watch This
How do we make this (or anything else positive) happen?

I have been using some techniques to help me stay positive and consistent this year. Not just during COVID-19, actually it's come in handy during the pandemic considering everything else in my life is out of whack. So, this helps. I hate watching any fitness guru videos, but I accidentally stumbled upon this itty bitty 5 min thing and was shocked. It wasn't about exercise at all really. It was just about how to change something if you aren't happy. Huh. I loved it.

To the point, no fluff and no gimmicky pitch. So, I thought I would share. We all could be better at something right? Why not be better at ourselves...? That's my goal. One habit at a time. (#Hint: Habit Tracker at home)

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