No Difference (what we can learn from a poem in a children's book)...


This pandemic has had me cleaning a lot more than usual... I mean a lot more. Part of my Pandemic List was tackling my attic. 

As I got into the project, I found all sorts of things from the past. One thing I unearthed was a book. Not just any book, it was Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein. 

It was one of my favorite books when I was in elementary school...I probably checked it out every trip to the library if no one else wanted it that day. 

This edition I own is the silver cover 30th anniversary edition. Tattered, used and bookmarked because it wasn't purchased to collect. It was bought so the kids and I could read it together. 

I cleaned at least 1/3 of the attic and it got sorted somewhat, lots of trash went out. That was back in April, it's now too hot up there for cleaning. But the book stayed here and made its way downstairs. I have flipped through several times to revisit the poems.

This one in particular was the one i just came across last week.

 I did not know some of these poems were out there recorded being read aloud.

It's fitting....and it's written for a child...
And then again, I don't think this was meant just for children.

Today and always, please see where you can be a healing, helping, loving nature to someone who needs it today. And if you can find it within you, please reach out to someone who is not like you and ask them to teach you about what their experiences are like. We already know our own. 

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