New App Leads to Child Abduction

We are facing more issues on the internet.

As if the internet wasn't already a really risky place for kids, and several of the apps geared towards them dangerous, but here is another one.


In a time where so many young people want so much attention, this is the perfect petri dish for trouble...if you don't yet protect your child's devices with software that blocks out (or allows you access and monitoring to) potentially harmful things, get something now and also read this article below. Also, do the girls (and boys) a favor and explain to them that while it's natural to want attention, not all attention is good (or safe). They need to be addressed from the need they have which is driving them to reach out and seek being 'noticed' (or accepted/liked). They don't understand... They make the perfect victim and need to realize there are people out there like this... everywhere...

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