It's never too soon to begin reading to your child.

I read to mine when they were in the womb and I knew they could hear me.

I brought my children to the library as soon as they could walk. 

I read to my toddlers on up to preteens at bedtime nightly and it was as popular to them as Friday pizza & popcorn movie night was. 

I enrolled them in weekly storytime.

Every couple of weeks I'd bring a new selection of books home and stack them in the kitchen to read during breakfast time. That was probably even MORE popular than Friday nights OR bedtime stories lol. Reading to them in the mornings seemed to capture their attention so much! They never seemed to want it to stop! ❤️ I suggest funny books. It wakes them up and helps them be happy.🤗

My kids all still love books... for different reasons. I've always loved them. I'm sure there's a blog somewhere here on our site that explains how books pretty much saved my life as a little girl.

Besides being therapeutic to many children, being read to or reading themselves promotes language skills and helps them become better learners. 

Search this blog for more about reading to children, our thoughts on libraries, and homeschooling.

(OH PS: I now read to my baby granddaughter and she seems to love books too.😁 Tell me how happy this Nana is..!?)

Keep 'em reading!

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